Mission Statement

We strive to bring quality, honest journalism to the gaming community. There are too many controversies and bad press spreading around the web. Larger gaming magazines and websites writing good reviews on bad games for a few bucks, journalists writing about games that server their own interests, etc. So first a few disclosures to get them out of the way.

  1. If we receive a review copy or other free perk on a game it will be disclosed in any article or review we write.
  2. We will accept payments that are offered through various channels because we need to eat.
  3. We will not give a game a good review just because we got a free copy of the game or someone paid us to write about a game.
  4. We will not give a bad review of a game because we didn’t get a free copy.
  5. We will┬ánot discriminate against any game due to content, who the creator or publisher of a game is, or any other reason. If the game is good or worthy of our readers time we will let you know. If it isn’t we will still let you know.
  6. Politics and gaming have no business together. We won’t get involved in any political discussions (although we may disclose or report on a newsworthy story that involves politics. We will not take sides.)

We also believe that gaming can do good in the world whether though charitable organizations, education, or other. We promote any good that could be spread through gaming and encourage our readers to do good as well.