Best games for Christmas 2015

2015 has been an exceptionally great year for gamers. Many quality games were released this year. So Christmas is almost upon us and I bet you’re wondering what games to get. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite games of the year that would be the perfect gift for you or the gamers in your life.

Black Ops 3


I have never been a big fan of the Call of Duty games. I did like the older games where you fight Nazis in WWII but after Call of Duty 4 I really lost interest in the franchise. I did enjoy Black Ops and World at War but was disappointed in the multiplayer which for me just wasn’t fun to play. The Zombie modes were however my favorite part.

Black Ops 3 is a completely different story. It is possibly the finest Call of Duty game to date. The combat is exceptional and adds more options than the typical FPS, for example you can run along walls then jump off to slide under a table all in one fluid motion and WHILE TARGETING AND SHOOTING ACCURATELY. Yes you heard that right. The story is what I would have expected from a modern Robocop vs. Terminator game. The campaign is not only very satisfying but once it’s completed you get a second campaign to play. The second campaign brings the popular zombies mode into a campaign structure where you play the same 12 missions as the main campaign in a remixed order while a new female voice narrates the story. Not only that but the classic zombies mode is also included as well as various multiplayer modes. So there is a lot of replay value in this game.

Transformers: Devastation


Platinum games has done it again.From the creators of games such as Bayonetta and The Legend of Korra comes the best Transformers game to ever be released. Instead of basing this game of the recent movies it takes all of it’s inspiration from the original 1980’s cartoon series. With the fast action and smooth gameplay expected from the developers over at platinum, this game does not disappoint.

There are 5 playable characters and many challenge missions to keep you playing even after your first play through of the story mode. Right now the price has dropped at most retailers making it the perfect time to pick this game up if you haven’t played it already and makes it an easy decision to get as a gift for your pop-culture loving gamer. Check out our in-depth review of the game here.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

Is there a horror game lover in your life? If so, Until Dawn is one of the best examples of horror done right in a game. The game is a mashup of different horror cliches in a perfect blend of terrifying mystery and edge of your seat suspense. An intriguing story, quality acting (Hayden Panetierre plays one of the main characters), and creepy atmospheric visuals really draw you in to an immersive horror experience.

One of the best features of the game is the “player choice” system which actually makes you feel like your decisions matter. Although not a new concept, especially in horror themed games, this is the first game I’ve played to actually deliver what it promised. There are many different endings based not only on which characters survive but also what clues you find throughout the game. All in all this is a great game for those who want a solid horror story experience.

Xenoblade Chronicles X


If you’ve played Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii or 3DS and enjoyed it you will love this game. It uses the same combat system but is not a continuation or sequel. It is in fact a spiritual successor focusing more on the sci-fi than the fantasy aspects of Xenoblade Chronicles. The game features a sprawling world spanning 5 continents filled with never before seen wildlife. The variety of creatures is just amazing and I catch myself nature watching instead of completing missions. Also did I mention you eventually get control of giant mechs called skells?

The game features a robust class system with deep character customization along with a bunch of systems I found to be a welcome addition. My favorite system in the game is the option to pick one of 8 divisions. Each of them focus on a different way of playing the game. Some people might want to hunt the wildlife and focus on combat. The Harriers division would be best for them while other might want to focus on exploration and completing missions. That’s why I decided to pick the pathfinders. You could change your division any time and each division rewards you for the way you play. So if like me you pick the pathfinders you get extra experience point bonuses for finding new areas and completing basic missions. If you were to join the Harriers you would get a bonus for killing monsters. You also get a bonus for stuff like increased critical hit rate or extra R&D points depending on the division you choose. It really adds to the experience and rewards you for playing the game the way you want to play it. This is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played and possibly the best RPG of the year for me. Give us a follow or subscribe to our blog to be updated when our full detailed review is released. I won’t be writing the review until I finish all of the main story missions and this is a very long game. I’m at around 30 hours into it and, although I’ve been focusing on what I need to do to advance the campaign, only finished with 6 of the story missions.



FROM software has taken their signature gameplay from the “Souls” series and combined it with a gothic/eldritch horror theme to create a game that feels like it came straight from the nightmares of H.P. Lovecraft himself. With the new “The Old Hunters” DLC just released this is the perfect time to try out the game I vote as the Gamerilla game of the year.

Somehow FROM has improved upon what I thought was a perfect combat mechanic for an action RPG. This makes Bloodborne not only more inviting to the uninitiated but also adds new tools for the pros. This game deserves masterpiece status as I’ve yet to find a flaw in it. I definitely recommend this as the best game for Christmas in 2015.

So what games do you want for Christmas this year? Let us know in the comments an let me know what you think of my picks.