Fallout 4 Review! (Early Impressions)

Fallout 4Fallout 4: Back into the Wastelands: Where to begin with a game as massive as this. First off, let me state that this game is NOT  perfect…. With that said, I absolutely love this game. And here’s why, this game, much like the other Fallout games, take you on an epic journey though a post apocalyptic world known as “The Wastelands”. Now, before we get too into the review I am going to section this review into various parts, and each section will be a detailed reason and examples as to why I like and dislike this game. Also keep in mind that this is all my personal views and if you think this game should receive a perfect score, then that’s great. But in my opinion, no game is perfect. Oh! There also won’t be any spoilers as I am excluding talking about any story progression whatsoever. With that said, sit back, get your reading glasses and pack enough RadAway for our journey through the Wastelands!


Let’s start off with the more controversial of the topics surrounding this game… The graphics (DUN DUN DUN!). These visuals are absolutely STUNNING! And to the people who say otherwise I ask you, are y’all blind?!? I beg of you, go to the previous Fallout’s and do a comparison of the games to Fallout 4 and tell me there isn’t a ginormous difference in graphic fidelity. Now, don’t get me wrong, is this the best looking game? No. But it can hold its own and it definitely doesn’t look bad. Bethesda’s new Creation Engine has done wonderful things for this iteration of the Fallout series in a very big way. This new engine has introduced full physical-based rendering maxresdefaultand dynamic volumetric lighting which add some very nice layers of realism and immersion for this game. Boasting a new night/day cycle it really brings the world to life. As one moment it high noon and you leave to go tend to some missions and then you return to Diamond City and the entire place is lit up in Vegas style neon lights that you can see miles away. There is also an added weather cycle to the game as rain will randomly generate and with their new physical-based rendering; your clothes, hair, and even the ground show signs of dampness. While it’s not mind-blowing or new to the video game world, it is new to Fallout world and with adding these various features it adds a nice touch to the overall game. Overall, the graphics are no slouch when it comes to Fallout 4 and I think that they can stand up to the rest of the competition this year.


The gameplay, specifically the gun-play has been under some scrutiny too. And this is what I have to say about that. Is this as fluid and smooth as your Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Destiny? No, not even close. But that’s not to say it’s not usable. Fallout is not meant to be a FPS, It’s an RPG with First Person Shooter Elements. I think that the new ADS (Aim Down Sight) is a wonderful addition! It actually let’s you play the game as a FPS if you’d like. And in allowing the game to be played as a FPS it allows a wider range of players to hop right into the game and feel as comfortable as they can be. Especially with new players to the series. Every gun now has an ADS option that you can use, or not. Just depending on the player, but while they have put emphasis on making the game more accessible to the FPS crowd, they didn’t forget about the VATS system that has also been touched up and changed. Before, in the previous Fallout’s, VATS had always stopped time and allowed for the player to look at an encounter strategically without worrying about enemies rushing them. Now, they have done away with that and made it to where VATS now just slows times rather than stopping it completely. Which to me is a nice change, it still allows that sense of feeling out the battle, but it adds a sense of urgency as the enemies no longer are halted completely. Especially if you have 4 Super Mutants surrounding you on all sides and you have to figure out how to properly approach the fight before you get filled with bullets. With this new iteration into the series, we see the return of the PipBoy (Duh!) and it plays an instrumental part of your journey as it usually does. This little device assists you in seeing what quests are available as well as it shows you your inventory and pretty much everything else dealing with your character and then some. Bethesda this time around has placed little mini-games into the Wasteland that you can find and actually play on your PipBoy, such as a classic Missile Command feeling game and many ,many more. Lastly, I’d like to touch on the ability to customize your Weapons and your Power Armor (yeah, I said Power Armor). To start, they have added a new crafting system for the weapons and your armor which actually goes into pretty intense detail. You can take a typical short-barreled hunting rifle that you find at the beginning of the game and turn it into this badass rifle that now has a long-range night-time scope, with an extended fast eject magazine, a bayonet at the tip, with a marksman stock, and a Long barrel. It’s just simply sweet being able to create a beast of a weapon from something that you find in a chest somewhere and with a little work turn it into your own baby that you’re proud to carry out with you along your journey. Now onto the Power Armor and your personal armor. Very similar to the weapon crafting, you can take the armor that you have and add extra layers of protection and use different leather or materials to reinforce what you have. Or maybe you like that original look of the Vault suit you leave with, psh, put a layer of Radiation absorbing material in that and opt in for a heavier cloth material and then you got yourself a suitable piece of armor for your adventure.

Bugs & Framerate:

Untitled(6)It’s very rare to find games these days that don’t have some kind of bugs or glitches in them, especially on their release day. Unfortunately, Quality Control is made up of humans and as we all know humans make mistakes, but also with a game as big as Fallout that makes it all that much harder when trying to locate and fix bugs that lie within the code. For me, I have not run into any bugs that are game breaking, which is a huge relief seeing as Bethesda is known for have some of the buggiest launches known to man in the gaming industry. This year however has been the year of the P’s. And by “P’s” I’m referring to resolution. 1080p, 720p, 900p, you get the idea. Everyone has been freaking out over what resolution their game runs at vs being worried about what actually matters… And that’s the Framerate, now don’t get me wrong, resolution also plays an important part in the gaming wofallout-4-bug-door-1rld, but with that said you can play a game at 720p @30FPS. However, you can’t play a game at 1080p @0FPS. Now, I have yet to experience this game hit 0 FPS on any platform I have played it on, which I have spent time with this game on all 3 platforms it has released on (PC, Xbox One, and PS4). I have however ran into some framerate drops which aren’t game breaking, but they are just flat-out annoying. The only platform I haven’t experienced any Frame Drop is on PC. But with that said, all consoles are most definitely playable and the other good news is that Bethesda often is on top of getting patches out to fix bugs and whatnot.


fallout-4-pc-ultra-setting-screenshot-4At the end of the day, Fallout has always been a game where you either loved it or you hated it. And I can completely understand both sides of the argument. While I am clearly on the “Love” side of this spectrum, I’m not blinded by my love enough to not see the game’s flaws. Because this game definitely has flaws. But the one thing to keep in mind is that this game has over 400+ hours of gameplay in it, not to mention the replay value that this game has. I mean with Fallout 3 I had 1300 hours in that game, and that was between 2 characters and that’s because when I get into a game I really enjoy I really get into it. Now that’s not to say everyone is going to like this game as much as I do because odds are, they won’t. But Fallout 4 in an enthralling RPG that puts you into control over your fate. Everything you do is your decision and sometimes those decisions have severe consequences, other times you may not even know the difference except maybe you’ll miss a quest because you told someone who had killed their family member so that NPC went and killed that person and right then and there you lost an exclusive quest. I love the Fallout series, and Fallout 4 is no different. I will be playing this game years to come. If you’re a fan of the series then I definitely suggest giving this game a try but if you’re still on the edge, I hope that this review helps put you at ease. Whether it helps you purchase the game or avoid it.


Once again, please let me know what you think about the game in the comment section below!

Amazing Return To The Series!
  • Gameplay - 9.5/10
  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Sound - 9.5/10
  • Story - 9/10
  • Replay Value - 10/10
Fallout 4
Stunning and Unique GraphicsGreatly Imporved Gun PlayMusic Fits Well With SettingImpressive DialogFeels Like a Living WorldMassive Replayablility
Bugs and Framerate Issues
9.4Overall Score
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