The Nintendo Switch has Quickly Become My Favorite Console

When I first got my Nintendo Switch I gave it a favorable review because it is a quality piece of hardware that accomplished exactly what it set out to do. Nintendo has done a great job of bringing their fans back after the failed Wii U and the general consensus is that the Switch is a good console. It’s almost a year now since I got one and gave my first impressions so I wanted to revisit and explain why I absolutely love the Switch. I mean not quite as much as this guy loves his Nintendo DS  but I do really like it a lot.

So what’s so special about the Switch that it’s been taking me away from my PS4? I also recently bought an Xbox One S so I could finally play cuphead, but that hasn’t slowed me down from playing on the Switch either. Why? I think it’s a combination of things. First it’s really convenient. I have a dock in my office and a dock connected to my big TV. This way I could easily play it in either place. But even if I don’t want to play it on either of those TVs I could play it anywhere I want due to the portable mode. The screen is really vibrant and the controls are very good for a handheld. Not quite as good as the pro controller, but definitely suitable for my needs.  Also the battery life isn’t terrible. I easily get 3-4 hours out of it and rarely even play it longer than that at one time in portable mode. It’s also easy to go from portable to docked mode and takes seconds to change from the small screen to be back in the game with a pro controller on the large screen. Like 3 seconds.

I think the main reason I like it so much though is the games. I grew up with the NES and my typical gaming habit at the time was to play a game for 30-60 minutes then switch to another one. I often played 4-5 different games every day and replayed a lot of them many many times. It seems like a lot of the games I have on my Switch (close to 80 of them now) all have a high replay value. And most lend themselves well to short bursts of play and then I could move on to another game. This is really convenient with my lifestyle since I work a full time job as a web developer and have 3 year old twins that are pretty demanding of my time. So I game when I can and the Switch makes it easy to pick up and play for a 15 minute break or in bed before going to sleep. I still get to enjoy all of my games without it being a marathon trying to get to the end of a game quickly.

The nature of the games works for me but more importantly the Switch is getting support from a lot of developers and the quality of the games coming out surprised me. I mean of course the first party titles like Super Mario Oddysey and Breath of the Wild are going to be great games. Nintendo rarely puts out a bad first party title. But third party support for Nintendo consoles has been poor for a long time with the exception of the 3DS/DS family of handhelds. The best third party games always were on the PlayStation or Xbox consoles and if Nintendo consoles were lucky enough to get a port, it was never the same game. But thanks to the compatibility with Unity Switch owners are able to enjoy some great games. Even games like Doom 2016 are coming to the Switch.

So if you’re still wondering if buying a Switch is worth it I have to say definitely yes. I recommend getting a pro controller as well and a fairly large SD card. 256gb cards could be bought on Amazon for a reasonable price. That size card could hold quite a few games.