The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PS4 Review

Publisher: The Astronauts

Developer: The Astronauts

Release Date: July 15, 2015

What Happened to Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a first-person suspense-thriller game where you get to play the role of a soon to be retired detective, Paul Prospero, that decides to investigate the disappearance of a young boy named Ethan after receiving some of his rather disturbing fan mail. By entering the Red Creek Valley and communicating with the dead, Paul learns Ethan opened a door he shouldn’t have, unleashing something a dark ancient force, that he could not control, leaving his entire family sick and against him.

In order to try to save Ethan and get to the core of the game, you have to  pay close attention to all the clues left for you to find, and put all the missing pieces together granting access to more of Ethan Carter’s memories. The clues come in many forms including letters, newspapers, pictures, or magazines, that he left behind, or crucial moments that led to his disappearance, and often to the death of some of his family members.

Amazing Graphics and Fluid Gameplay

Exploration and discovery are are the keys to this game which is surprisingly easy to pick up an play. The only four controls you have at your disposal (L1, L2, X, O) resulting in fluid gameplay and easy to play. The  hints and the specific information learned from the clues make it easier to advance in the game and not as frustrating as some mystery games where players can get stuck and give up. However, the world you explore is rather large so you are still challenged to solve the unsettling case you have on your hands.

When you open the door to this game, you will find yourself surrounded by some wondrous autumn landscapes, with some very good graphics and textures. This is because the PS4 version of the game was completely rebuild for Unreal Engine 4. The amount of depth and beauty of the environment around you is staggering. The surrounding music, the sound of Paul Prospero’s intense narrative and the realistic details will pull you completely into the game, making you feel like you are truly there.

Will Keep You Coming Back for More

In my opinion this game is a solid 4/5 game. Despite some little details that could have been better developed, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter will make you want to continue playing until you finally discover what exactly happened in the Red Creek Valley that changed the fate of the boy Ethan and his family. This singular, at times strange, astonishing and even bewildering, but always captivating experience, will keep you searching for answers to the mysterious questions posed by the game. Will you be able too discover if there is really something you can do to change the fate of Ethan? You will have to play the game to find out.


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Creepy Fun
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