Spoilers ahead. Be warned.


It’s still early on in season 6 of The Walking Dead. We’re still only half way to the mid-season finale and already major events have taken place in the show. This past episode was all about Morgan with a full hour and a half to tell us what exactly happened to him since the last time Rick and he crossed paths. In my opinion the episode felt a little forced, as if they needed to put a logical explanation to how Morgan came back from the edge of insanity. The major issue with the episode though was that it in no way followed up the previous episode where one major character seems to have died while another’s fate is left hanging over almost certain doom.

So what is in store for us the next episode and the rest of the season? Well there are a few things that we definitely know. Rick is trapped, the Wolves have savagely attacked Alexandria, and the boogie man is scared Carol might be hiding under his bed. But what happened to Glenn? There are a lot of theories the third episode of the season “Thank You”. I’ve seen speculation that Glenn couldn’t have possibly died because Nicholas was being eaten by the walkers or that he crawled under the dumpster. There are many plausible theories if one suspends disbelief. So lets look at the evidence.

  1. Nicholas’s body obviously falls on top of Glenn and it looks like they played with the camera angle in those final moments of the scene to make it look like Glenn.
  2. It looks like the dumpster is pretty high off the ground. Possibly enough for Glenn to squeeze under.
  3. He was not on The Talking Dead after the episode nor was he mentioned in the “In Memoriam” which is something that has happened to every other major character who has died on the show.

Something that was just brought to my attention is that Steven Yeun’s name is not listed in the opening credits of the fourth episode. Is this evidence that Glenn did in fact die? Is it misdirection to get people talking? I feel we’ll have to wait a while before learning the truth because AMC likes to drop ridiculous cliffhangers like this on us and then make us wait weeks (sometimes months) before the big reveal.

Now I have a few theories of my own for what might be in store for the group this season. We all know that some new characters will be introduced this season including two favorites of the comic fans. Both Paul “Jesus” Monroe and Negan will be joining the roster. I believe that if Glenn does survive somehow, Jesus will probably be responsible.

It’s very plausible that, just like in season 1 when Glenn saves Rick from the tank, Jesus will cause a distraction as Glenn is hiding under the dumpster. Remember the walkers are feasting on Nicholas and somehow missed even a tiny nibble of Glenn as he crawled under that huge gap beneath the dumpster. It would also give a good lead in for Jesus and gain him trust with the group. I mean, after the attack on Alexandria by The Wolves, there has to be very little trust to go around. If Jesus saves Glenn that would build an immediate bond between them. (If Jesus doesn’t save Glenn then I think the next logical way to introduce him would be rescuing Rick from the camper.)

Whether Glenn is saved by Jesus or walker bait we probably won’t know for a while. But it’s fun to speculate on what will happen. So how would I want everything to go down? If I were a writer on the show it would probably go down like this. Poor Glenn does end up dying but not completely devoured by the walkers. Just enough to give him a zombie virus booster shot which eventually turns him into a walker. We don’t find out about this until the last episode of the season though. The last scene of the last episode will be a minimalist introduction to Negan, similar to how they introduced Michonne at the end of season two. Picture this scene: We see walker Glenn shambling down the street towards a small group of people. The largest and meanest looking of them is holding a bat wrapped in barbed wire. The large gentleman gives a very menacing smile as he winds up for the swing and caves walker Glenn’s skull in. It would be the most epic introduction to a villain ever.

There is already an expectation that Negan will be introducing Lucille to someone from the group. In fact a lot of people think it will be Daryl since Norman Reedus has a new show coming out soon on AMC. Others think maybe it will be Abraham, although I think he has a lot of story to tell still, or even Morgan. We’ll find out not soon enough.